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Open home presentation, how can you make your house catch the buyers eye | 25 May 2017


Showing your home off to potential buyers can be daunting, but open homes are a vital part of catching the eye of house hunters who may fall in love with your home. There are many ways to ensure your home makes a great first impression.


1. Lighten up


Lights change the feel of the home and can make it more inviting for open homes. On the colder days, turn on the lights around the house and even turn on the heat pump so when house hunters arrive, they are welcomed into a warm cosy home.


2. De-personalise.


Removing personal items as much as possible prior to an open house eg. family photos, in order to help the potential buyers imagine themselves living in the property.


3. Amp up the street appeal


Consider on making the decision to spruce up the outside of your house. Could your fence do with a fresh lick of paint? Maybe even water blasting the front deck.


4. De-clutter


Take some time out to de-clutter your home, remember less is more. Take on rooms one by one and remove items that might make the feel of the room cluttered.


5. Home staging


Take into consideration on hiring a professional staging company to really bring your house to it’s true potential. Leave it to the professionals on making your home look its best with on trend pieces and modern furniture. This could help the emotional appeal and feel of your home.


6. Think about the small things


Small things we don’t think about can make a huge difference. Check rooms for little things that could be removed such as in the bathrooms, tuck away hairbrushes and toothbrushes.


7. Clean up


Giving your house a spring clean would de-clutter your house and make it more welcoming for potential buyers. Organisation is key, take a look inside your wardrobes and cupboards and get rid of things you don’t need any more.


8. Think about your pets


If you have pets, it might be a good idea to get the carpet shampooed or remove any odours before open homes.

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